Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what i have learned about NC in 1 year...

after living in Seagrove for a few weeks i posted a list of things i had learned during that short time. since it's been one year i copied the list and added a few things at the end (lines with *)...

the bugs here are MUCH bigger than NH

you can't buy liquor in seagrove ... it's a dry town (i wonder what they sell at the convenience stores?)

the night sounds different... almost tropical (i think it is because of those bigger bugs)

the fruit is sweeter and fresher... i am enjoying lots of blueberries and watermelon this week

there is a lot more pork to choose from in the grocery store

it stays light in the evening a wee bit longer (my imagination perhaps?)

everyone is friendlier... even the people that work at walmart.

the pesticide/insecticide section in stores is HUGE (must be because of those big bugs again)

you can buy snake repellant at walmart (i hope i won't ever need it)

they sell pine needles for mulch at garden centers (in NH we have to pay people to take them away)

biscuits are a food group

*church's have a postcard recruiting program

*cashiers at stores hand me my receipt and tell me to have a blessed day

*greens are sold in HUGE packages just before New Years day

*you can ONLY buy wine (no beer or liquor) in the neighboring town of Robbins (now that's odd)

*i am called Ma'am on a regular basis

*moonshine still exists

*banana pudding is still popular (it had a short stint in the north, about 20 years ago)

*sweet tea is the most common beverage

*fried okra is delicious

*i have considered buying snake repellant (see line 9)

*fall is beautiful

*there really is a spring! (unlike NH)

*winter is short (YAY!)

it's been a wonderful year... i do miss my family and friends in NH and i have made lots of new friends here in the Seagrove area.
Life is Good... just like the hats, shirts & stickers say.


  1. I like your list. I'm wondering about the bugs in NH. Or up that way in general. I have heard they are pretty bad in the summer.? Flies, gnats etc. Things that annoy you and bite you. Is that true?

    Also, regarding food, have you noticed that mac and cheese is a vegetable down here?

  2. the most annoying bugs in NH are black flies. if you live in a woodsy area you can't spend much time outside in may and early june. the mosquitos are about the same as here in most areas. then there are no-see-ums that are very small and can get through most screens.
    no poisonous snakes or spiders.
    i have noticed that mac & cheese is served at most gatherings, no complaints from me because i LOVE it and will gladly pretend it's a veggie.

  3. You forgot the chiggers! I think you are a bonafide Southerner now, eating fried okra and biscuits :)
    Like your list. We heard the black fly stories while we were in Maine, but somehow living up there with all that beauty would be worth it.

  4. there's biting black flies in Florida too and I am called Ma'am and Gary is called Sir.

    no see'ums or ticks - had any of those?

    bisquits and gravey is a food group in the south I think

    have you tried pickled okra? I love it.

  5. and have you learned to say- just get you some.
    In- are you hungry?
    Just get you some....
    and never, never ask someone here how are you- 'cause they will tell you.
    I have to go "carry" myself to work.
    Come go with us...

  6. Linda - unfortunately i think ticks are EVERYWHERE :-(

    Meredith, you had me laughing with "carry " myself to work... i grew up in a French (Canadian) speaking home and my grandmother's english translations were a riot-
    "close" the tv and our all time favorite "throw me down the stairs my shoes".

  7. sounds like you're enjoying life there :-)

  8. THE BUGS IN NH are horrrrrrrrible!! I am so glad I moved. NH is also the most unfriendly place I have ever lived in. I was so glad to move away, even though it is a beautiful state and also the league of NH crafstmen made sales easy :)

  9. I moved from Montana. New words. Buggy (shopping cart), Pocketbook (purse), soda (pop)

  10. hey Judy... i forgot about "buggy" for shopping cart. in NH we use the term "pocket book" and "soda" so that wasn't new to me.
    if everyone contributes i am sure we can get a whole collection of regional colloquialism's!

  11. I think that the mac-n-cheez as vegetable, has become a natoinal trend.

    And I lived in NC for 28 years and never saw a poisons snake out and about...and I was alway rompin' through the woods, and along creeks....saw plenty of black snakes and other little garden veriety.
    ...that copperhead was the first.


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