Thursday, August 25, 2011

earthquake victim in Seagrove...

fortunately he suffered only minor injuries. i was in the house when the earthquake hit and the log cabin was shaking like crazy. i was totally freaked out until i realized that it was probably a quake. when i went out to the studio i found this little kiln god had fallen off the shelf next to my wheel. thankfully he only lost a spike. this is a kiln god that John made during the last year he was working. it means a lot to me to have it in the studio. i was disappointed to see it laying on the floor, but relieved he could be repaired.

the kiln was done firing at David's yesterday afternoon... the unloading will be the middle of next week. Jeff has some big pots in there, i have just a few small pieces. can't wait to see the results.


  1. well perhaps he got damaged so that other things stayed safe?

  2. I am glad we don't get much in the way of queakes BECAUSE imagine what that could do to a firing, hot, kiln? HOLY CATS what a disaster.


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