Sunday, August 28, 2011

adding a little color

last fall after the Celebration of Seagrove Potters, we decided to put a portion of our booth into our gallery so that we have a display area with clean lines. displaying work in a log cabin can be challenging. 
we had to dismantle the gallery walls a few weeks ago because we needed the panels to take to the NH show. after spending a week looking at different booths, we decided it was time for a change. the last two days have been spent prepping and painting all the components...

the walls were black and white before... now we are this green and cream color.

the pedestals are two shades of an earthy color... all the colors were from Martha Stewart's "Potters Clay" collection... how fitting is that?! i took this picture in the evening so it is sort of dark.

these are the panels that snap into the Abstracta system... we painted one side the green and the other the cream color. this will give us the option of flipping them to either side so that the shelf will compliment the pots that are on it.
a friend of jeff's, who has retired from the doing shows, offered us some more booth panels (they are hollow core doors). the next time we are in NH we will bring them back with us. we will get them painted in our new colors and then we won't have to disassemble our gallery to go to shows.
today we should get everything reassembled and i will take some after pics.


  1. Those colors look great together, what kind of paint are you using? Did you spray or use brush or roller?

    Did you get much rain from the hurricane?

  2. we used Valspar paint from Lowes and rolled it. martha stewart potters clay was a textured surface, we had Lowes color match it.
    we had only a few sprinkles of rain in the late afternoon and windy all day... glad we were spared!


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