Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello from NH...

remember me? it's seems like forever since i have blogged! we are done with the Sunapee Craftsmen's Fair and back on Bow Lake where we have both cell phone service and internet access once again. the show was good, we sold lots of pots and most of what is left is going to galleries here in NH. the trailer will be much lighter on the return trip. the next few days we will spend visiting with family and friends and  hopefully getting some time to relax.
i have more fair pics to post over the next few days... the best part of the fair was spending Sunday with my daughter Danielle and her guy Jay...

we will get more girl time in on Sunday before we had back to North Carolina. i will also have to admit i have enjoyed a break from the heat. we had some warm days (80 degrees and some humidity) but the last two days have been in the 70's and down to 60 at night.
that's all for now, i think i will put on a hoodie and relax with a glass of wine :-)


  1. Sounds like you've had a good week!
    It may have its inconveniences, but being without all our electronic gubbins does us good at times

  2. Oh so glad you are having a good time and getting to visit with your daughter and her guy.

  3. I helped set up shop at the fair for a couple of years alongside JZ, and remember hanging out with Jeffy :)

  4. So nice to hear you sold lots of pots. I am envious of the cool weather, still hot here, although we are expecting temps in the upper 80's today so I might have to get out a jacket :)
    Is that a photo of your daughter? Very beautiful girl!


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