Monday, August 15, 2011

a trip to New England isn't complete without...


Danielle and Jay cooked up a fabulous meal that also included a very spicy and tasty shrimp fra diavolo...

I ate so much i would have liked to lay down on the floor like Bizzy when we were all done! 

tonight is our last night in NH. Jeff and I are heading to Portsmouth for "Old School" jam night at the Dolphin Striker... Jeff brought his harps to play along with his old friends and it should be a rockin' good time!


  1. Food, glorious food! Fantastic to see such great looking seafood and yummy veg to go with it! I've just been enjoying looking at your on-line gallery of work, and love your shino and tenmoko glazes in particular. Your tenmoko (temmoko in your part of the world??) has a wonderful orange/red break. I noticed that slide #93-mug was not displaying for some reason, giving a "page not found" error, but all the rest were working well.

  2. I look at that meal and think why in the world would you go out of your way to come back!??? :)
    Of course I thought the same as I was sitting on the pier last week watching the sunset on one side and the moon rise on the other and drinking a 1.00 beer--- life.....

  3. Have a blast on your last night there. The lobster looks yummy.

  4. Looks yummy! That is always our first night's meal when we arrive in NH!! Looks like nice sized lobstahs too. Safe travels.

  5. Hey ya'll looks like you had a wonderful time in NH. What a great looking meal. Some of those lobsters will probably hitch a ride back to NC with you. Your booth looked great at the show. We hope you had a successful sale. Have a safe journey back to the Grove.

  6. I've never seen a lobster that big before; you must be having a blast, one of these days I hope we get to go up there.


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