Monday, September 12, 2011

reflecting on the past, looking towards the future

i couldn't handle listening to or reading about all the media coverage of 9/11 this weekend. it was hard enough to live through and i am not interested in rehashing it for 24 hours. i turned the radio off in the studio and worked quietly. 
our pottery is across the street from a church and late Saturday afternoon i heard lots of happy sounding voices. i went out on the front porch of the gallery to see what was going on...

how sweet... a wedding. it made me smile. this young couple's anniversary is 9/10/11. it should be easy for all to remember. 
until 10 years ago i had difficulty remembering the date of my parents anniversary. now i never forget. 
it is 9/11/54. yesterday was their 57th wedding anniversary. 

the quiet in the studio did lend itself to new ideas...

flowers carved through slip... i have salt glazing in mind for these. i didn't go crazy making a lot, since i want to see some results first... who knows what direction they will lead me to.


  1. I was saying to Gerry at dinner tonight that if I had lost a loved one or been a survivor, I could not have made it through Sunday. That is all there was on TV and radio, we were inundated with 9/11. I know it is an important anniversary but I was so sad at the end of the day. I wish the media would find a more positive way to present this date, maybe show some happy endings. I know that sounds shallow, but people need some happiness in their lives, yesterday was morose.... I hope your parents have many more happy anniversaries and don't live in the shadow of a date! (I don't mean any disrespect to those who were mourning their losses yesterday, my thoughts were with them all).

  2. I'm liking those daisy flowers on the plates and cups, they are great. Happy anniversary to your parents.


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