Friday, September 16, 2011

yard sculptures

jeff has been working every evening on a new yard sculpture...

these are some of the ones he did last year...
these were beautiful in the spring with the irises in bloom and then the lilies. right now most of our summer flowers are about gone by.

the new sculpture is going to be tall and will hold a large pot inside of it... it should be pretty cool. you may remember that in august i posted some pictures of Mark Ragonese creating sculptures at Mt. Sunapee in NH. Mark taught Jeff how to make these woven privet sculptures.


  1. Those are really wonderful, Jeff is multi-talented.

  2. Have you guys seen Patrick Doughtery's work at the NC art museum in Raleigh? This reminds me of his installations, he lives here in Chapel Hill, I think. He is a wonderful artist.
    These are great, when I get my final dream home, I may have to get a commission from Jeff!

  3. I noticed a new sculpture starting last time we drove by. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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