Thursday, October 27, 2011

another milestone...

i hate to admit it but...
starting today i am no longer in my "late forties"... yep, that's right. the big 50.
i am really okay with it and happy to be in NH this week to celebrate with my family. the cool thing is it is also my sister's birthday today and no we aren't twins. she is four years older than me... so a BIG happy birthday to my sister Anita!

the best part of the week was spending time with Danielle. she is entering a really exciting time in her life. she is moving from NH to Connecticut for a new job. she is going to work for Pfizer Animal Health, selling veterinary pharmaceuticals. she has dedicated many years to working for the Animal Rescue League of NH and she felt it was time to move on from the non-profit world. she worked so hard to get this position and i am VERY proud of her. 

here we are at Acadia National Park in Maine... early 1980's. 

seems like just yesterday she was my little girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Michele! Gerry turned 52 yesterday, I turned 51 in September, it's not so bad! Congrats to your daughter!!! It's fun to watch them grow isn't it?!

  2. you and your daughter TOTALLY look like twins :)

  3. Oh Happy Day! I still don't know where the time goes.

    Kee[ on dancing round the sun!

  4. Happy Birthday. 50 is the new 40 you know! Remember to dance like nobody's looking!


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