Monday, October 24, 2011

the gypsy potters are in the '603

we are off to a great start with our visit to NH. the raku workshop at Hillsboro-Deering High School was a huge success...

the students had some really nice finished pieces...

we had a big family gathering at my brother's house on Saturday and we stayed with my sister's family in  Wolfeboro, NH this weekend. Jeff taught another raku workshop on Sunday while i spent the day with my sister and her adorable granddaughter Arianna...

today we head to Bow Lake to stay with our friend Roni. we will have a few days to relax before the next round of workshops next weekend. tonight we will head to nearby Portsmouth, NH so Jeff can play music with his old friends at the Dolphin Striker... looking forward to a good cosmopolitan :-).


  1. we lived in Hillsboro, NH over ten years :) go JEFFY bringing art to H.boro!

  2. What a super shot of your sister's grand daughter next to the pink daisies, sounds like a great trip, enjoy.

  3. Have fun and eat a lobsta!! How are the colors? They hadn't made it too far when we were up there a week and a half ago. I expect it looks pretty nice around Bow Lake!

  4. the leaves are almost GONE now! my sister said that the colors weren't as brilliant this year... more browns and yellows. but it is still pretty in spots.


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