Tuesday, November 22, 2011

at last!!!!

we had new and professional business cards printed! it is a two sided card with me on one side and jeff on the other. we have only been talking about it for over a year and this summer i set the goal that we would have them by the Celebration of Seagrove Potters show.
jeff designed them in photoshop and we had them printed by 4over4.com. we are so last minute and thankfully 4over4 is very speedy. we uploaded the file on sunday, had a proof on monday, made one correction and our cards arrived on friday morning... just in time for the start of the show that evening!!
the cost was very reasonable for full color on both sides... around $80 for 1000 cards. check them out


  1. Oh those are beautiful cards, I will definitely checkout that company, your blog looks super with the turquoise too, I could just walk into that photo, hope to get up there again soon.

  2. Good cards.

    I like your header photo

  3. The cards look terrific. The photos are lush, the wording succinct and informative. I like having a two sided card for the two of you.

    I too will check out the company....thanks.

  4. Really great cards, such a good idea to have each of you on a side! I used Vista prints last time I had cards made, they were fine but the trimming was a bit off. You would think they could get something like that right! Like your new header, I have always loved that little cabin. The first time I went in there was on a cold rainy November day with my mom and Wesley was a baby. That would have been about 16 or 17 years ago. I can't remember who was there. Seems you guys are right at home there!

  5. Tracey... i bet when you first visited it was Wild Rose Pottery... Jane Braswell and Michael Mahan. They built the place and created the good karma that remains with the cabins here. They are part of the reason we are here in Seagrove! we love it here and feel right at home.

  6. That's exactly who it was, I remember the name! Thanks for reminding me. One thing that I always remember about that building was this huge ceramic vase that had koi fish in it down in the bottom space. I had never seen a vase that big. Of course now you see them everywhere. It was such a great space with so much beautiful pottery. At that time, I had a toddler and the last thing I was thinking about was bringing breakables into my house, but I still remember the visit.


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