Monday, November 21, 2011

Post Celebration Post

well the show is over... and it was a good one! we had lots of compliments on our booth and we were happy with how the makeover turned out.

this year we sprung for the largest booth size, 10'x20', it was a lot of work to set up and tear down.

the highlight of the weekend was a customer who came to our booth because he looked on the SAPA website, saw our work, and knew he wanted to meet us. he purchased one of my raku wall tiles that we fired friday afternoon. it was one of my favorites and i am happy that it will have a new home in Manhattan!

and now it's time to get our own little log cabin gallery back in shape for the Thanksgiving weekend shoppers... no time for resting until December 24th!


  1. you booth looks fabulous!!!! You could not have picked better colors to compliment your work. So glad to hear that the show went well, good for you!!

  2. Ditto what Tracey said and I like the new photo at the top of your blog.


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