Saturday, November 26, 2011


Jeff and I had a really nice Thanksgiving Day spent with his family. There was a large crowd and with the nice weather we spilled out into the yard and soaked in the sun. Quite a different scenario than my family had in NH... they had 9" of snow and lost power Thanksgiving eve until 6:30 am! Tomorrow Jeff and I will cook a turkey and have a new england style Thanksgiving dinner. I never realized that traditions for T-day were regional... here in the south it seems birds don't get stuffed, you have "dressing" on the side, baked in a pan, then cut into squares. Also, deviled eggs and mac & cheese are common sides. Tomorrow the stuffing will be in the bird and we will have lots of mashed potatoes and gravy, butternut squash, peas, cranberry sauce and maybe a little green bean casserole. If I was at my Mom's we would probably have creamed pearl onions too. I will make a sweet potato pie for dessert. my Mom always had pumpkin & apple pie but I have become fond of sweet potato (and it's Jeff's fave). We don't really need to make all this food but the holidays are making me miss home a little (just a little and NOT the snow) and this is the ultimate comfort food

...and we won't have to cook again for at least a week.

We were ready for shoppers on Friday morning... we had an "as clean as it can get" log cabin gallery. It was a great start to the weekend with good sales. I hope it continues through the weekend!


  1. I love all those traditional food stuffs, some I can't eat any longer but they all sound so good.

  2. If I didn't have a show tomorrow, I might be knocking on your door! Sweet potato pie is my favorite! My grandmother always made them for me and I ate them for breakfast :)

  3. You know, living now in Ithaca and not New Hampshire, you can be amazed that NH is so much snowier than here, holy cats! I saw pics, and I sure did not miss it :)

  4. my family never was one to stay with traditions and not being big turkey lovers you would find salmon or hickory smokes pork on our table.
    And one day I just might have to post about my mother's bourbon laced sweet potatoes that are the real reason to eat at the holidays....

  5. bourbon lace sweet potatoes, cocktails and a side dish all in one... sounds wonderful!

    turkey and all stuff that goes with it is one of my favorites... on Christmas I don't have a traditional meal, sometimes it's lasagna or maybe stuffed shrimp. i have even done just hors d'oeuvres and skipped the big meal.

  6. Creamed pearl onions!! On Thanksgiving and at Christmas. We must both be from NH:)


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