Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a little off track, but shouldn't we all follow our bliss?

the celebration of seagrove potters is just 10 days away. my goal was to finish up functional work that typically sells well. i loaded the bisque kiln the night before last and we fired it yesterday... while the bisque fires jeff is making lots of  bowls for the next bisque. we should fire the gas kiln 2x n the next week...  anxiety is building about not having enough work ready, along with both of us being on planning committees for the show...
so while the bisque fires what am i doing?

when jeff came out to the studio he was all excited about how i had spent my time... his response was "looks like we will be doing a raku firing next week!".

i am really drawn to these raku tiles... i like the tension between soft and hard... bricks, gears, screws, sea fans, leaves, and lace.

something tells me they may take over the studio in the next few months...


  1. With the cooler weather here I've been making a few things for my raku kiln too, and I've also ventured on a few other tangents. Ha, got to follow the bliss.

  2. Hey, I'm doing a raku firing next week too! I love your tiles. I have some tiles in the bisque today, I alway sell out of them when I make them. Yours are really great!
    I think beads are going to take over my place soon so I can work in the house :)

  3. Love the colors you achieve in your raku glazes.....definitely follow your bliss... :)

  4. I love the contrast of the man-made mechanical and the natural material too. Found your work searching as I'm going to be raku firing for my first time soon. Love your colours.


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