Monday, November 7, 2011

new digs for the league

the League of NH Craftsmen (of which i was a juried member until i moved out of state, and of which jeff is STILL a juried member, because he was a member 10+ years) has moved into an uber-cool state of the art new building in downtown Concord, NH. while we were in NH they had their grand opening celebration as well as an exhibition reception for their first show in the new gallery. the exhibition is called "Setting the Standards" and feature work of the craftsmen who jury the new members into the league. jeff is a clay juror and has pots in the show...
jeff's pots have a window view to main street!

another nice feature of this grand new building is that they have gallery space to display their permanent collection. since Ed and Mary Scheier, Otto and Vivika Heino and Gerry Williams, are/were league members, there are some really nice pots in the permanent collection. the lighting was not good for photos, but we did take a couple...
platter by Edwin Scheier

punch bowl set by Otto Heino... wouldn't you love to serve punch in this at your next holiday party?!

i really love Ed Scheier's work, his wife Mary made nice pots too although today i think they look dated... Ed's are timeless and seeing them in person they are even more amazing. the library at the University of NH has an amazing collection of his work on display... and if you have the opportunity, see the Ken Browne video about the Scheier's life... Four Hands One Heart... if you love clay, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place for the league, one of these days I hope to make it up there.

  2. looks like it is right by that bookstore, south Main?

  3. it's across the street from the Capitol Center for the Arts... brand new building. i hope they can continue to raise LOTS of money to pay for it.


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