Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thrown and Altered

Jeff taught a Thrown and Altered Workshop at 2 Rivers Ceramic Studio in Newbury, MA on Saturday. Lloyd Hamovit, a fellow NH Potters Guild & League of NH Craftsmen member, recently moved his studio from Amesbury, MA to this location in Newbury. We were envious of his great space... bright, spacious, well equipped, and very organized.
I dropped Jeff off in the morning then went back over the border to NH to have my niece cut & color my hair (it was time to have a professional step in for that!). I returned at the tail end of the workshop so I didn't get many pictures...

Lloyd is a gracious host and extended an invite to stay for chili and beer, which was tempting on a raw rainy day. We were heading to Wolfeboro, NH for the night and snow was in the forecast, so we decided to hit the road. We weren't even to the NH boarder when the rain changed to snow and in no time the road was covered. It was a long, stressful ride back to the '603 pulling a trailer... when we arrived at my sister's house there was a big glass of wine waiting for me.

If you live in the Portsmouth, NH/Newbury, MA area and are looking for wheel throwing or hand building classes, give 2 Rivers Ceramic Studio a call. Lloyd has definitely created a warm and friendly pottery community. We are looking forward to returning in the spring (when the snow has melted!).

For more information about hosting a workshop at your studio/school, contact us at:


  1. Looks a great studio... the sort I dream about sometimes. Great that you had a lovely time there, and also negotiated the snow safely afterward.

  2. It's so cool that you guys have this north/south pottery life! Best of both worlds!! But leave the snow up there please
    haha, word verification is blogind
    I've been blogind for about an hour tonight :)

  3. Pulling a trailer in the snow, that is scary for sure; what a great studio, lots of light too.


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