Saturday, December 17, 2011

and the results are in...

Jeff's been making growlers. The shino glazed one on the right has some nice carbon trapping.

The piggy sugar jars all came out, phew... because one was a special Christmas order. These will also make great salt pigs. I'll get them listed in my Etsy shop this week.

The ash glaze decided to act up on some bowls. Icky bubbles.

Ash glaze over shino. One of the few without bubbles.

Carved vases were all fine... look at the little pig trying to get in on the photo, what a hog!

I am working at the Co-op of Seagrove Potters gallery today and Jeff is at our studio for the kiln opening. All the new pots are outside under the tent and there is a warm fire & hot coffee inside the log cabin gallery. We will start happy hour a little early today with wine and cheese from 3:00 to 6:00. If your in the neighborhood stop in and keep Jeff company... I will be home at 5:00 (and ready for a glass of wine).



  1. Those pigs are....piggy...always trying for the shot! Sounds like a busy, fun day ahead. You got some nice stuff from the firing!

  2. That one shino bowl is spectacular and the carved vases especially the green one, this little, I mean big, piggy went to market. Ha.

  3. Lovely work, and the carbon trapped growler really appeals to me (as does the name "growler"). The piggy suger jars are great, and would cheer up any kitchen this Christmas. I hope your sales go really well.

    The "icky" bubbles...??? I probably shouldn't say this, but they looked rather nice to me on the detail that you showed. I guess it depends just what they are on and where they are. I have sometimes ending up loving a piece with "imperfections" like that, but usually not straight after opening a kiln.

    Happy Christmas! P.

  4. Looks like a good firing despite the bubbling.
    It is such a relief when special orders fire well!!
    I've got half a kilnful of special orders this time, not something I like atall.

  5. thank you all!
    Unfortunately the bubbles have sharp edges :-(
    I will probably sand them down and sell them as seconds.

  6. Michele how or what do you sand the sharp edged bubbles with. I have four matching bowls from the last firing and they have tiny bubbles which aren't so sharp more round puckered type of bubbles. I think the top shelf is prone to bubbles with the fan blowing through the peep hole; I was going to smash them as mosaic pieces, but they seem too nice to do that to.

  7. Hi Linda, I use a fine grit sandpaper (it's blue) that is made to be used wet or dry. I can't remember the number on it. At least you can keep them for yourself or sell them as seconds if you get sharp edges off... but sometimes they just have to be smashed (because it feels sooo good!).

  8. A diamond tip in a Dremel tool will grind down almost anything. Just be sure to wear eye protection.

  9. smartcat is right about the diamond tip dremel tool. we use that on the bottoms of all of our salt glazed pots. perfect for getting kiln crud or remnants of an exploded re-fire out of the surface of plates and bowls... sadly had to do that this fall :-(

  10. Beautiful firing. Your color palette is really nice :)
    LOVE my dremel, it was a Christmas present years ago and I use it all the time!

  11. thank you Tracey... potters can't live without a dremel tool and a torch (i got a propane torch for christmas one year)!


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