Thursday, December 1, 2011

getting ready for winter

The back door to the studio was in rough shape. The plywood was delaminating and we spent last winter keeping the draft out around the edges with bubble wrap (potters are creative). Last weekend Jeff's brother John came and installed a new set of double doors...

outside view

inside view - notice the rolled plastic shade above? last year Jeff created that to roll down in front of the door to lessen the draft... we may keep it there for those few extra cold days we may have.

Jeff bought one door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and the other was purchased new at Lowe's.
Having double doors is handy when we have to move big things in and out. The lever handle will be easy to use with an elbow when carrying ware boards of pots outside to the kiln. All that is left to do is stain the exterior to match the used door and give the inside a coat of paint. They almost seem too pretty to be studio doors! Thank you John for a job well done and thank you Jeff for doing the finishing touches on them this week.

wood fired tumbler... available in my etsy shop


  1. Those lever handles are easy to use especially for those with arthritis or handcapped, nice job on those doors; and great tumbler; push insulation in all the crevices around the door - it really helps. We had freezing weather last night and covered the peppers and they are till ok. Ha. so far so good.

  2. Linda -jeff came home this afternoon with insulation to stuff around the door jambs before he trims it out... he must have been reading your mind.
    ooh freezing weather in Florida - not nice. glad you saved the peppers!

  3. you had better get ready- it looks like it has already snowed at your place!
    We have the most beautiful blue board curtains you have ever seen. It is almost time to get them out.

  4. oh SO COLD indeed, so hard on potter hands....


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