Sunday, December 4, 2011

on the home stretch

It's been long days in the studio this week... we have several orders to complete in time for Christmas shipping, which means we need to fire the gas kiln one more time very soon.
I spent the last two days carving flowers through slip, which also means I dreamed about carving through slip as well...

Sometimes dreams can bring new ideas. Last night I dreamed I was carving lino blocks of this flower design to make note cards. I have not done any lino block printing since high school and I woke up sort of excited about the idea. Like I really need one more thing to start experimenting with! While laying in bed contemplating the whole idea, I realized that carving some tiles with this design and raku firing them might work well. That's probably a more realistic endeavor right now.

I know we have been spending a lot of hours in the studio when the dishes start to pile up out there...

and I noticed this morning that I missed a few more cups!


  1. Those carved flowers are wonderful, hang in there.

  2. I think you have some good ideas there! Wesley made some lino tiles for me one year and I used them to stamp soft clay and then raku fired them. Turned out great! I like the note card idea too. I can't believe you guys are still making work. I would be losing my mind if I had work to make right now! Rally nice work though :)

  3. i had a dream the other night that i had slip-trailed obscenities on a load of pots, without realizing it...i think it's time for some time off!!

  4. Sometimes dreaming about work opens new pathways; other times it's like working 24-7. Like the idea of tiles......and why not some note cards in all your free time. ;)


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