Friday, January 20, 2012

the first pots of 2012

It was a good firing overall, even though we went to ^11. Some of the ash glaze mugs dripped onto shelves, but that can happen at ^10. One of the sinks was perfect... the other needs to be refired :-(.
Jeff made a third that we will fire at the same time... always good to have back ups! I listed a couple of the flower mugs on Etsy and we have a bunch going to the Co-op of Seagrove Potters.
I ordered propane yesterday and we should have enough pots to fire the gas kiln again next week... and a raku firing very soon!


  1. OH GOSH what pretty leaves on the mugs, wow!

  2. Just loving those mugs! Form, design and glaze all work together beautifully.

  3. Good news to have one of the sinks come out perfect! The mugs are beautiful. How many firings do you get done in a year? So. Much. Work.!!

  4. this kiln is small so we fire frequently... sometimes once a month and when it's the busy season it could be as often as once a week.


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