Thursday, January 19, 2012

glazing tools and beautiful sunsets

I didn't get into the studio until late afternoon today... I could say that it was because we fired the kiln until 4 am and slept in, but since I slept on the sofa while the kiln fired I would be stretching the truth. The reality is that I lazily packed an Etsy order, did some laundry and surfed the internet for 1/2 the day. Once I made my way to the studio I did get some glazing done.
When I came home from Connecticut I found this new tool in the studio...

It looked strangely familiar... like a measuring cup from the kitchen... sure enough, Jeff said he needed a cup this size and hoped I didn't mind! I had a couple of 2 cup measures in the kitchen so sacrificing one to the studio was fine with me. I used it today and it poured quite nicely.

Another favorite of mine is this big bowl for glazing platters and plates...

Tomorrow I will finish glazing. I am waiting for some tests to come out of the gas kiln tomorrow to help with some decisions on these sugar jars and a couple of mugs...

I will leave you with a pic of the beautiful sunset in Seagrove this evening. I wish I was a good enough photographer to capture the true beauty, but use your imagination.


  1. I can just imagine that sunset-they are always far more dramatic than we can capture!

  2. I brush all my glazes now but in the classroom I had a cup like that and a large bowl and we also had some grids kind of like wire trivets we placed over the large bowls to let all the glaze drip in. What a vibrant sunset, red sky at night sailor's delight.

  3. when I was in college in 1983 or so, jane, my instructor, told me to get a soup ladle for glazing, and sure enough, nearly 30 years later, still using it :)

  4. I still get teased that our local hardware/auto supply store is my favorite pottery supply place....thin plastic, foam and cheap bristle brushes (paint) sea wool sponges, flat pans, (automotive) you get the idea.

    Winter light sunsets are so beautiful...that one was a saver!

  5. a soup ladle... hmmmm... i think we have two in the kitchen.


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