Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a new toy

Last week I decided to order a Buddha Board and it arrived today...

If you aren't familiar with the Buddha Board, it's a ceramic board that you can do Sumi brush work on with water. There is no ink involved and when it dries it disappears. Perfect for practicing! I have often used newspaper or craft paper for practicing but this is so much better and not messy so you can use it anywhere.
I have never been great at brush work on pots, mostly due to that hesitation of "this is a one shot deal to get it right". I am hoping with practice, I can lose that hesitation on my pots and my strokes will have a looser look.
The first time I played with one of these was at a small Zen shop in Frederick, Md and my friends had to drag me out of the shop because it had me hooked. Jeff has a nice "how to" sumi brush work book that I am going to revisit and I found some youtube videos as well. The picture above was my first attempt at bamboo after watching a video.
Now I have to drag myself away from my new toy and finish up some glazing. We have to get the gas kiln loaded and fired this week, someone is waiting a an order for two vessel sinks...


  1. Not bad! that's a nice thing to have at night instead of watching the nothingness on TV :)

  2. looking forward to seeing the effect on the pots!

  3. I want one. Also, I should come over and see your sinks, as I'm working on a glaze for two sinks for a client.

  4. Michael - come over and talk to Jeff, he threw the sinks and I am the "assistant" for glazing them since they are quite large... of course the client didn't go with a simple single glaze, but a shino and ash glaze combination.
    I purchased the Buddha Board through Amazon... $28 and free shipping.

  5. Wow, what a lovely drawing, hope you post the sinks when finished, would love to see them.

  6. Super cool. The perfect practice board and its a nice drawing too.

  7. WANT Buddha Board! I have seen and used paper that works like this, but not with the permanence of ceramic. An idea whose time has come. Keep showing our experiments? please?

  8. Ohh! Fun, Fun, Fun! A new obsession :)


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