Thursday, January 19, 2012

convenience or lazy or conveniently lazy?

That's our pyrometer, conveniently sitting on the phone table next to the sofa. We watched a movie last night and could check the temperature on the gas kiln without having to get up and go outside until adjustments and cone checks. When we are firing a bisque in the electric kiln we place the pyrometer on the kitchen counter so I can cook dinner and keep an eye on the climb.

I am feeling a little disconnected from this firing. Lately I have been doing most of the loading but Jeff did it all this time. He also fired two bisque kilns while I was in Connecticut. I basically came home, glazed my pots and he did the rest.

Yesterday I unloaded the remainder of a bisque kiln and waxed the bottoms of mugs and pasta bowls. It will be back to glazing today. We will most likely fire the gas kiln again next week. I was amazed at how many pots we have made since the holidays... and I thought we had been lazy!

Next is to get all those pots sold!. So far, I have kept up with my plan to stay active on Etsy. Jeff is doing the same and we have had sales in both shops since the first of January. Next on our list is to open yet ANOTHER Etsy shop... it will be a collaborative and will have a theme. I will keep you guessing until I am ready to blog about it.

One last thing... even with the pyrometer so handy the kiln fired to ^11, oops. Most of our glazes get fired to that and more in a wood kiln so we are hoping everything is fine, especially the vessel sink order.


  1. So you have a really long wire on your pyrometer? how cool is that.

  2. you need more commercials breaks so you can look at the pyrometer!
    I think how convenient!

  3. it's a REALLY long wire... you just have to be careful not to trip over it!
    we have peeked into the kiln and from what we can see the sinks look great... phew.


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