Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Have any of you seen this movie? I was hesitant to watch it because the subject matter deals with cancer and I try to avoid those kinds of movies. Even before going through it with Jz, I didn't care to see depressing movies about illness and death. I chose to rent this from Netflix after listening to an interview on NPR with the writer, whose real life story this is based on. It's a comedy... yes, a comedy about cancer. It's not slapstick and there is a serious side. I am happy to report that I laughed more than I cried. 
Jz and I tried our best to keep our humor throughout his diagnosis and treatment. We even managed to find humor in his need for a feeding tube... it took two of us to figure out how to make it work and not before making a big mess with it. Laughing and trying to get liquids into a feeding tube don't go well together. Humor was the only way to keep our sanity! 
For what it's worth, that's my movie recommendation of the day, 50/50. Now available on Netflix (and probably from the red box vending machine thing at your local grocer).

and now back to pottery...

It took me way longer than it should have to finish this round of bowls. I think after a few going into the scrap bucket I only ended up with a total of nine. I decorated them late yesterday. I thought it would go quickly and I sat at the short stool in front of my wheel to do the carving. BIG mistake. My hip was aching last night and I think it was from sitting in one position for too long. Usually when I decorate I sit on a higher stool and stand for awhile too. Lessoned learned. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.


  1. Every once in a while my hips gives out on my on the side I sleep on, I try to change positions but sometimes when I'm sleeping I get back to that same old spot. I saw a film we got from the library about cancer but can't remember what the name was it was about a woman with ovarian cancer I think, sad in the end but a good film none the less.

  2. Probably I'll skip the film, I might get in touch with my tear ducts too much, but I like the look of the bowls that you have been making... What, you too make use of a scrap bucket!! Funny how some days are like that and nothing works, or if it does it has been by a huge effort.

  3. Linda, I know what you mean about trying to sleep a different way to avoid pain or limbs falling asleep... I too tend to go back to that "comfort" position.

    and yes Peter, the slop bucket is often too familiar to me!

  4. Yoga- that's what I do to try to stretch out my aching hips, side waist, etc. I have a loooong way to go though! ;)

    Oh, for the healing power of humor~ Thanks for the movie recommendation- I will check it out.


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