Tuesday, February 7, 2012

vase finder

Jeff and I both have pots in the Vase Finder show again this year. It is a totally on line show run by Charles Blim in Nevada. There are no entry fees and it's an invitational show. Either Charlie invites you or he asks you to invite someone. John was in the show the last year he was working. After John died, Charles invited me and asked me to invite someone... of course I invited Jeff.
Charles Blim is passionate about ceramics and maintains a wonderful site dedicated to it. We have never met but when John died he immediately called from Nevada to offer his condolences.

This year John Glick was the juror. Samantha Henneke of Bulldog Pottery, here in Seagrove, won an honorable mention in the show. Her vase is stunning. A link to the show is here.

To the left of Jeff's pot, in the show, is our League of NH Craftsmen colleague, David Orser. Quite a few Orser pots live comfortably in our home.

My vase in this year's show came from our first Seagrove wood firing. It was sold a few months ago to a collector.

The studio is calling... I have some bowls that need decorating. Happy Tuesday to all!


  1. haha! I just posted about vases and then clicked back to see your post! It must be the season, with Valentine's coming up, everyone has them on their mind! Yours in the vasefinder show was really beautiful!

  2. Great vase and nice photo of the vase too.

  3. it is good to have those connections.
    Sweet vase.

  4. happy Tuesday, and Weds too! I posted about you and jeff this am.....


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