Monday, February 6, 2012


Here it is another Monday already. Lately the weeks have been flying by. Nothing too exciting happening in the studio this weekend. My mug order is drying and I got started on some large for me size bowls. Actually there was a little excitement here in Seagrove this weekend...
Saturday was the Potters Palette fundraiser for the NC Pottery Center. You may remember that potters throughout NC were asked to paint a canvas to be auctioned off. The event was well attended and raised a good chunk of change for the pottery center. My painting has a new home in Pennsylvania. It didn't go for much money but at least someone bid on it! I was afraid I was going to have to purchase it myself.
I didn't bring my camera, so no pics of the event. Instead I will leave you with a picture of my favorite functional pot...

I bought this from Jeff many years ago, when I was his student at the NH Institute of Art. I stopped at his studio for something and he had recently unloaded the kiln. When I saw this little carafe I new I had to have it. I use it for olive oil, it is a thing of beauty that gets everyday use. I think that Jeff is happy to have it in his home now too.

if you are wondering about the title to this post, i couldn't think of one... so if you are familiar with the original cast of Sesame Street album (on vinyl) you know how to sing it like Big Bird. For some strange reason I have had songs from this record stuck in my head all week.... J Jump Joyful, Jumble around, Jack in a box Jumping all over town...

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  1. Oh that is a nice carafe. I love how it has two colors and some smooth parts and some carved, very well done.


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