Saturday, February 25, 2012

don't forget the plastic wrap...

I think that I hadn't thrown pots in nearly two weeks. We have been in a firing cycle so my days were spent loading kilns and glazing. Late yesterday, after loading the back stack of the gas kiln I decided I needed to get my hands in some wet clay.
I threw the parts to make six oval bakers and my intention was that they would be wavy ovals. In order for them to be wavy, I needed to go out to the studio before bed and throw some plastic over them. At 8:00 am I woke up to that "oh no" feeling, remembering that I never went back out to cover my cylinders.
I ran out to the studio in my pajamas to check on them. Some rims were a little dry... darn. I sprayed them with water and wrapped them in plastic. A short time later they were ready to alter. Only a couple of them could be made wavy. I knew if I pushed my luck with the others the rims would crack.

I finished all six by this evening and they are covered in plastic so they can dry slowly.

Yesterday, while I threw these pots, I was listening to an interview on NPR with the President of High Point University, Dr. Nido Qubein. He was inspiring to listen to. Lately so much of the news is doom and gloom about many things and mostly the economy. I truly believe in positive thinking and that negativity breeds negative outcomes. I heard Dr. Qubein say something and I was compelled to write it down. It's not an exact quote, but enough to get the point across...
When asked what he learned since becoming the President of the University he had a long list of answers, but this one stood out, "I have learned that there is a recession, but it doesn't mean you need to participate."
I like how that ties in to my other favorite quotes from other intelligent and creative people.

Just Work

Follow Your Bliss

I am feeling really good about 2012, I know Jeff and I are off to a great start. Be well friends, and have a good night.


  1. I've had pieces I let go too long before and they cracked on me, best not to push it.

  2. Great quote Michele, I have decided that my blog is only going to have positive energy, too much negativity out there right now:)
    I'm right there with ya!

  3. we are lucky, as potters to follow that bliss etc., rather than, OH, sell real estate etc :)

  4. The bakers look great...I should make some too, just add it to the list! It's great to find a community of bloggers who also find bliss in clay work :)

  5. "We need to re-write recession to read 'money recess.' Remember recess when you got to go outside, kick a ball and feel freedom from school?" ~SARK


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