Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I finally unloaded the rest of kiln late yesterday afternoon. I decided to get some photographs taken and start listing the pots on Etsy.

A small hand built dish. Shino glaze and dusted with wood ash. It fits in the palm of your hand. The interior texture was created with seashell.

The "Danielle" vase in blue. See yesterdays post if you care for an explanation.

Sugar jar

Two carved vases... so hard to reduce the glare in these shiny glazes.

I will be sure to get photographs of Jeff's large vessel sinks before they get picked up this week. They really turned out beautiful. We are thankful to have a few good orders this winter, since it's very slow for walk-in traffic during the winter months. Jeff and I have both been consistently working on Etsy sales and it is starting to gain momentum. Last night Jeff had a really sweet order from someone who is obviously a collector. A return buyer who bought a tea bowl awhile back... this time they purchased a number of things including a sake bottle and a couple of cups. 

Jeff and I are true believers that positive thinking and a good plan helps propel us forward. In the words of Brother Thomas - "Just Work".
and never forget to "Follow your bliss" - Joseph Campbell.


  1. that bowl is luscious and once again I love your carvings.

  2. Really beautiful work, and I am glad that you are developing ways of selling work in the winter "slump" when other trade drops away.

  3. Michele~ these are just beautiful! I love the green and blue with shino- gorgeous!

  4. Boy Michele I needed those words today, just work! I have had a week of it with some crazy emails that I am trying to keep myself from blogging about. So I'll "just work" instead until I simmer down!!!

  5. Thanks to all for the compliments.
    Tracey - the last year that Jz was working in the studio full time he wrote Brother Thomas's quote in big letter with a sharpie and hung it on the wall. It reminded him that no matter what life dropped in your lap, just keep making pots.
    We had an experience last week the was a total screw up by someone else and I sooooo wanted to blog about it and Jeff told me it wasn't a good idea. So hear I am, sitting on my hands! ...just work.

  6. Hi Meesh! The pieces look great!

    Try some hairspray on the hot spots to knock down the glare....

  7. Hi Paul, I think I have heard that before... then spend some time washing dishes! I do believe this is the first time you have commented on my blog!
    To all my blogging buddies, let me introduce my brother Paul, the photographer, woodworker and computer genius :-)

  8. I love the Danielle vase and the sugar jar!

  9. well thank you for the kind words Meesh! I'm afraid that I don't get around the blogosphere much these days. I'm trying to change that!

  10. These all look amazing. I love the way the glazes highlight the carvings. Yes, keep working. That has been a motto of mine to. It's what we must do. I have been trying to be more positive over the last 6 months and it's sinking into me and I feel so much better. Of course I think the big thing is that I'm happy with my work and trying to move forward. Anyhow, congrats on the increased etsy traffic and sales. It's nice to have that.


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