Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little by little...

It seems we are picking away at getting this kiln unloaded. Typically I am, "Let me at it, I want to see EVERYTHING right away and while it's still hot".

Jeff took a few photos this afternoon so that I would have something to share here on the blog

I am quite happy with how these plates came out. They are deep and will make nice pasta dishes. It was a pain to glaze the rim and underside shino and the center green. I glazed the shino first (because shino, being the prima dona that she is, always comes first or nasty things happen). When the glaze was dry I waxed over it then poured the green glaze. Tedious, but worth it in the end.

Jeff calls this his "Chorus of Mugs"

I played with this design on a couple of plates and a vase... I have decided to name it "Danielle" after my daughter. It's a girly design and reminds me of her. I'll get a photo of the vase this evening.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the firing...

Tacos on a Kate Goetz, 2004 Watershed Salad Days Plate. This was dinner last night. It looked so pretty and the photo set up was all ready so I set it down and snapped a pic before eating. Jeff and I put a lot of thought into choosing the right dish to dine from each night... one of the joys of owning a great collection of handmade pots.


  1. I love your flower carvings they are so wonderful.

  2. Good to see pots being used well!

    I like the "chorus" of mugs. Sounds right

  3. Very nice work. Truly a labor of love and it shows.

  4. Beautiful beautiful!!!! That green glaze is making me smile, I love green glaze! I know what you mean about meals being so pretty you just have to photograph them!


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