Saturday, February 11, 2012

workin' at the co-op...

of Seagrove Potters.
Today is one of my three co-op days for this month. I decided I would take some pottery work to do while I am here. For some strange reason I decided to make kitchen sponge holders. I have never made them before and I am beginning to think I won't be making them again. I threw them the other day and brought them with me to cut and and stamp.

I didn't have my "real" camera with me but my MacBook has the photo booth application so I snapped a pic of work in progress. Not sure these are doing anything for me. I only made about 8-10. I will fire them and see what I think when they are glazed. I am not sure if I can sell them for a price that reflects the amount of time put into them.
On a good note... I was happy to see when I arrived at the Co-op this morning, that Jeff and I have sold quite a few mugs here this month. Some nice salt glazed maple leaf ones that I made this fall are gone... and I was just beginning to think that maybe $30 was a little high.
Pricing work, it's the ongoing struggle for me and I am sure many other craftsmen out their.


  1. I took my work to a new location this morning - vases, bowls and others; they asked if I could make sponge holders and I said I could, hand built I am not sure how I would do it. But I am sure they would take as much more time than a soap dish yet bring about the same price. Sponge holders are much more complicated and time consuming to make. ugh

  2. well, they are COOL sponge holders, in any case :)

  3. pricing work grrr.......
    and with the sponge holder you gotta compete with those lovely things you can buy at Walmart for $2,
    grrr again!


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