Monday, February 13, 2012

Produce & Pottery

Why is there any need to package a pepper in a cellophane bag? I am not happy that I purchased a pepper packaged this way but I really needed it for dinner last night... it also cost me $2.50!! Over packaging products is my pet peeve. I would have rather paid less than paid for someone to package the darn thing.

Enough about produce and on to studio news...

We have been busy getting ready for a Bridal Show this Saturday. Yep, you heard right, a bridal show. It's local, only four hours long and relatively inexpensive to do. It won't be much of a selling day, but hopefully will lead to some orders. Jeff and I have done custom wedding plates/platters for weddings as well as vases for table centerpieces. Perhaps we can get some bridal registries as well. This was a last minute decision for us so we have been scrambling to get samples made.

The other day I had some fun and made a few of child sized mugs...
I know they have nothing to do with bridal show stuff but I sort of have a hard time sticking to one task! I like the way these have turned out so far, chubby little mugs for chubby little hands.

I hope this cold snap ends soon... we have been spoiled. I don't want to load the gas kiln in the cold and we need to fire either tomorrow or Wednesday!
Stay warm everyone.


  1. Agreed, the over packaging is rediculous! I practically rip my hands apart when trying to open some of them~ of course this cellophane isn't hand-ripping, but still...!

    Love the mugs, I can relate to needing to move around different projects for variety. I used to get down on myself for it, but now choose to look at it as supporting the creative spirit within ;)

  2. But then again everyone hasn't touched that pepper. Good luck with the bridal show, one of my friends in California said he did great getting future rentals for his ranch for weddings, the show was well attended.

  3. I bought one the other day as well and thought please dear lord tell someone to stop this madness. We bought the new light blubs to save energy and the two pack has so much waste I could not quit thinking about how waseful that is - save us money but the packaging will be around for my great,great,great grandkids!

  4. Linda... I know what you mean. I am a freak about things being handled by so many! I would rather be able to wash it than deal with the packaging.
    Meredith... I have been bothered by having to peel off stickers on produce so the whole cellophane thing made me nuts. When we were in NH there were these awesome little compari tomatoes but came in a cutesy BOX and I hated that I liked them enough to buy them. They were good tomatoes and I would have bought them without the cutesy box!!!
    light bulbs are a whole other discussion!!

  5. Peter Piper put back his peck of peppers when he realized they'd been packaged.


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