Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the gypsy potters are hittin' the road

My last post stated that it was a busy week for us. Jeff is teaching a workshop at Purple Sage Pottery in Merrimac, MA this weekend and we have lot's to do before hitting the road. This workshop is Thrown and Altered Forms and is a two day event. The workshop is full and it should be a fun and informative two days for everyone who registered. We will be staying in NH with a friend and will have the opportunity to visit with my parents.

Sunday afternoon is a NH Potters Guild Meeting, of which I am (STILL) the treasurer. This is the meeting where I present the annual report for 2011 so I had to get all of my paperwork in order and the report completed. I am excited to see my NH guild friends! Jeff is on his own at the workshop that day.
Heading north also means stocking the galleries for the League of NH Craftsmen. Jeff's work has been selling well and they have been crying for more. This meant squeezing in one more firing before we leave. We really rushed things through this time. We were finishing work on Friday night to bisque on Saturday. Jeff put some wet pots in the kiln and dried them overnight... we didn't lose a single one! Sunday we unloaded and glazed until after 10:00 pm then loaded the back stack. Yesterday morning, Jeff finished loading the front stack and lit the kiln. I think it was done around 1:30 am.
Thank goodness for a small kiln!!

Today was a studio clean up day... we are very messy glazers! It's not super clean now but at least you can walk through without tripping over glaze buckets. Tomorrow we pack. Thursday we hit the road.

...and the BEST part of this trip is that on the return home we stop in Connecticut to celebrate Danielle's birthday!!

gotta go take a little peek in the kiln (temp is 855)... I will leave you with a pic I have posted before. Iris Minc, who owns and operates Purple Sage Pottery, made the platter holding the asian dumplings. It's one of my favorites.

*If you are interested in hosting a workshop send Jeff an e-mail: jeff@jeffbrownpottery.com for more info.
He offers Throwing and Altering workshops as well as Raku Firing. We have a portable raku kiln and bring reduction cans and glazes with us. Experienced with high school students & adults.


  1. and jeff is jurying the work of a friend of mine at the league this week :) best wishes for a safe trip!

  2. Sounds like a good week end is in store. And the weather is supposed to be great!


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