Sunday, March 11, 2012

two down, one to go...

Last night, after I finished my shift at the  Co-op, I completed two of the ovals with the new covers...

These were not the knobs and handles I had in mind. I used recycled clay to make these. My pugmill is not de-airing and when I tried to twist the clay into the shape I wanted they cracked.  I was starting to get frustrated and after about ten attempts I decided to keep it simple. These were a trial run anyway, so next time I will use a fresh bag of clay.

Below is my favorite Dolan carving tool. I have a few with a slightly bigger, round loop but this is the one I use the most. Once you used Dolan trim & sculpting tools you won't want anything else!

and here is the Jake Johnson mug that Jeff brought home from the NC Potter's Conference...
a beautiful shino with nice carbon trapping. I was up before Jeff this morning so I got first choice of mugs. I enjoyed my coffee and "egg meesh-muffin" along with the Jake mug and my favorite Matt Jones plate.
Today is glazing day, it's going to be a crazy, busy week. More on that later. Happy Sunday!


  1. Love that Matt Jones plate and also love your carving, just beautiful!
    I have one of those Dolan trim tools, so much better than any of the others I have, I don't think I have ever sharpened it.

  2. I have never sharpened any of mine either. There are directions on their website and you can also send them back to be sharpened. I think if you keep them clean and dry them off you can delay the need for sharpening.

  3. That is a decent handle on the carving tool

  4. I've never seen that particular carving tool. I better look at the Dolans again now that I am doing different work. Are you using a different clay on knobs and handles than the body of the cassrole? Your carving is really great. Do you carve at almost leather hard? So much to learn in clay and so little time.

  5. Hi Linda, I used the same recycled clay on all the parts. I typically don't mix clay bodies up, all though it has happened by mistake a few times... and didn't seem to matter too much. The recycled clay is a mix of all the stoneware we use.
    I apply slip to the piece when it's leather hard and then leave it uncovered for a few hours or lightly covered overnight, then do the carving. I don't like to carve when it's dry, I figure I don't need to expose my lungs to anymore dust than occurs with everyday clay work!

  6. Those pots look great!! I may have to give that a go during my next making session. Like the carving on the lids. Cool Jake mug!!

  7. LOVE the casseroles! They came out great and the carving is beautiful too :)

    and I'll add another thumbs up for dolan tools!


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