Thursday, April 19, 2012

the end of the old photos (i promise)

Here are a few more pictures that were on my old camera...

One of our last tasks before moving to Seagrove was to finish building the NH Potters Guild community wood kiln. The committee completed construction and fired it just before our big move. 
The kiln is on Al Jaeger's property in Deerfield, NH. Al makes really detailed wood fired houses. This one is sitting atop of Al's old and falling down wood kiln. He also has these house and other sculptures scattered throughout the woods alongside his mile long dirt driveway.

I missed this workshop with Ken Matsuzaki in 2010 at the NH Institute of Art but Jeff, being a faculty member attended and took these photos.

The Institute has a good relationship with Pucker Gallery in Boston so typically when they are having an exhibition the clay artist will do a workshop at NHIA. The year before Matsuzaki, Randy Johnston was a presenter and Phil Rogers has presented a few times.
I think that is the end of the "found" photos. Time to get to work, there is another bisque kiln to load while we wait for the gas kiln to cool. Tomorrow I should have a photo of the finished "Wedding Cake Box" as well as a couple of smaller covered ovals. Can't wait to get them out of the kiln!!


  1. That's a really impressive spiral! I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding cake box and the casseroles.

  2. I love the old photos, so cool to reminisce about the past and see the future along with it.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Look at that house, I love it. When we lived in Charlotte we had a very similar place. English Tudor, my dream house!

  4. No apologies needed for "old photos", it was fascinating to see them. I love the house, and the kiln "ruin" that it is sitting on. Goodness, those fire bricks have really got hot!


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