Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a day of surprises...

Yesterday was a fun day and full of surprises. First thing in the morning I packed an Etsy order and placed it in the big mailbox for pick up. Later when I went out to be sure it was gone, I opened the box and it was FULL of mail... and it wasn't just bills! There were three packages inside.
One was a new type of mask that a company wants me to try out and write a review (more on that later), the other was a laundry line cup that I ordered from Ron Philbeck... it's as sweet as can be and it's in good company with my dinner plate and small bowl. The THIRD package was from Gary Rith! I helped him out with a real estate question awhile back and he sent me one of his dogs chasing cats (or is it cats chasing dogs?) mugs as a thank you. He really didn't need to do that, but I am real happy that he did. Gary and I have soooo many connections in NH but we have never met. He met John through the League of NH Craftsmen (LNHC), Jeff was one of the jurors when Gary applied and was accepted into LNHC. From these connections we have a whole bunch of mutual friends and acquaintances. One day Jeff and I will have to take a road trip so that I can meet Gary, Maude, and there menagerie of pets for real.
Now that the weather is great we moved the glaze operation outside to give us a little more elbow room. I brewed a pot of coffee and enjoyed it in my new mug while glazing in the afternoon sunshine...

Thank you Gary!

Today is a finish glazing and load the kiln day. Jeff is going to fire tomorrow while I am working at the co-op. Have a great day everyone.


  1. It's so nice to go to the mailbox and get happy stuff, not just bills. Even nicer to get pottery surprises, Gary is very sweet.

  2. What a great surprise in the mailbox, cool.

  3. I am sweet? *blush* SHUCKS! Listen, your help was priceless, thank you :)

  4. I highly recommend meeting online friends in person. It has worked well for me.


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