Friday, April 13, 2012

A walk around the pottery...

2012 Celebration of Spring in Seagrove, Studio Tour & Kiln Openings
April 21st & 22nd
Plan to spend some time at our studio, Michèle Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery, and participate in a raku firing. Click HERE for more details. It's going to be a fun weekend in Seagrove!
Download a map of the studio tour HERE


  1. I love your surroundings! Question: what's the white and blue orb in the picture below bunny?

  2. Looks great. Virtual {{{hugs}}}....and toes crossed for a great week end!

  3. Barbara, I think the org is an Easter egg that the bunny left in our yard :-)

    ... actually it's a raku "garden pot" ie cracked, laying on it's side.

  4. Very pretty. It's much more springy there than it is here in Minnesota. :-)

  5. and my comment to Barbara should have said ORB not org!
    the bee boxes that are pictured, belong to my farmer neighbor, Mr. Joyce. I think the honey bees are a big contributor to all the apples we have each year!

  6. An old gas pump and bee boxes and more, your pottery grounds look beautiful.


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