Sunday, April 15, 2012

found (fond) memories...

We have been preparing for Jeff's trip to S. Korea, figuring out what we have for suitcases, electrical converters, passport, cameras...
On the camera front, we decided that Jeff should take the newer camera so I dug out my old Sony that is 10 years old. It's only 2.1 megapixels but it should get me by for blog pictures while he is away. I charged the battery and turned it on this morning. Low and behold there were picture on there from 2010! Jeff must have taken them...

It's the gypsy potters school bus... towing Jeff's pickup truck! We were heading south and stopped at my parents house to say good bye.

I am sure that Mom and Dad were thrilled to have our hippy bus parked in front of their home with the perfectly trimmed hedge. My Mom would also not be thrilled to know I posted this pic on the web when she didn't have her hair "done"...she will never know because at 85 years old they are clueless about the internet.
My parents sold their house in Nashua last year and moved to an apartment in Dover, NH. Most of the relatives are there and they are closer to my sister. The manicured yard was getting too much for Dad to take care of and he was never happy with how anyone else did it. I was happy to find this photo of the house I grew up in as well as some more recent photos of my parents.


  1. What a trip that's going to be for Jeff, and what a trip in the gypsy bus. Ha. I still have my old sony and it's still going strong, a few more pixels but not many, so far so good.

  2. haha! I just wrote a post about my mom and her hair too:) there is something to be said about parents not being internet wise sometimes. especially with my potty mouth! Nice to find photos you didn't know you had isn't it?!

  3. Finding old pictures is kind of like finding buried treasure. I hope you saved them to someplace safer than the camera.

  4. What a great picture! Hope you have a great firing and kiln opening. Good Luck!


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