Sunday, May 6, 2012

keeping busy

Friday I decided to clean up my act and throw some porcelain again. I have three lidded boxes in progress. They are so time consuming to make. Throw the pieces, alter and assemble, then add attachments and decorate. Each process requires some drying time in between. Today I completed this one...

 In between I threw a few cups and those were completed yesterday...

Yesterday fellow potter, Kate Waltman stopped in and we talked about throwing standing up. She said when she moved to Seagrove she made the switch. That was my plan but it never happened. She suggested that I give Jeff's throwing area a try while he was gone. So for the last two days I threw a few pots on his wheel...
Why didn't I think of that earlier in the week? It's definitely easier on the back. I had a little trouble with adjusting speed. This wheel is a Brent and I have a newer Shimpo. I also like the free-spinning wheel head on my Shimpo. I think that I am going to make the switch to standing, it's definitely better for your body.

On another note... Jeff was invited to participate in a Korean kick-wheel throwing competition at the festival in MunGyeong. They don't typically ask the international potters to participate, but this year they asked three of them (+/-?) to join in. Jeff was one of the winners... 300,000 won, which is equal to about $260. He said it covered the cost of the gifts he bought to come home with him.

When we Skyped this morning he was exhausted and ready to come home. He has tons of photos and videos. I miss him bunches and can't wait to see him!


  1. Yea Jeff! Glad he won! Cat wait to see the pics either!

  2. It sounds like you're both learning and doing well.

    That Wedding Cake box looks good

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  4. What I meant to type was- That box makes me want to run and get a fork.

  5. Dennis, the porcelain does look like buttercream frosting, I'll have some ice cream with that!

  6. oh MEESH, look at your porcelain work.....GIRRRRRRLLLLLL :)

  7. Cake box and matching cups! A very nice set~ I sense aedding marketing theme here!

    Would you share how you transition your wheel to standing when you do it? I'm thinking my back would like that too!

  8. Luscious work, love the slip additions.


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