Saturday, May 5, 2012

remember my friend Steve?

Steve Cunliffe is an artist in NH and I recently acquired one of his "space" mugs. Steve not only works in clay but also in wood. Whenever we talk on the phone we share what we have been up to lately. Over the winter Steve took a break from clay and went back to wood working. I asked him to send me some photos.

Knife Block...

Pine carvings in process...

Steve hasn't made a decision yet on how he will finish these... a few ideas he is bouncing around is oil, whitewash, or even rubbing black shoe polish into them.
When I first saw Steve's pots I could see the influence of Peter Sabin in his work. More recently, when I see the carvings in his pots as well as on wood, I am reminded of Edwin Scheier.
If you haven't seen the dvd of Ed and Mary Scheier's life, Four Hands One Heart, I highly recommend it. Occasionally PBS will run it again but it is available for purchase. I have a copy and every so often watch again because it is such a sweet story.

I got off track there for a moment and now back to Steve. I am excited to see how he will complete these wood carvings and I will beg him for photos when they are done. Aside from this type of wood carving, he also makes furniture and cabinets. Steve doesn't have a website but this is his blog, that he never updates, but you can see some photos of his work from years back.

Time for me to get moving in the studio. I have 3 porcelain, oval dishes with lids to finish today and since it's Saturday there will probably be folks in and out of the gallery throughout the day.
Happy weekend!


Steve asked that I include a photo of him in the blog post and he sent me this one:


  1. he does look like someone I have seen before, just can't think where.
    Those are wonderful works.

  2. I LOVE that knife block, the colors, shape and style, wow.


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