Wednesday, May 23, 2012

pig invasion

This morning, I woke up to this...

PIGS in the living room!

When Jeff came to bed last night he said he brought the pigs that didn't make it in the bisque kiln inside... I thought he meant inside the STUDIO. We had some heavy rain and thunderstorms and these piggies were on ware boards next to the bisque kiln that we fired yesterday. The kiln is under a shed roof attached the log cabin we live in. Jeff was afraid if the winds picked up, the rain could reach these little guys. It made sense to bring them in the house, he would have had to walk through the rain to get them into the studio. It wasn't the first, and it certainly won't be the last time, that various stages of pottery invades our living space!
Aside from finishing some beer mugs this week and getting a load of pots ready to be bisque fired, I haven't done much pottery work. Danielle and Jay are coming for the long weekend so I have been getting some overdue spring cleaning done. I am so excited for their visit! They are arriving on Friday and we are planning to visit potteries on Saturday and a trip to the zoo on Sunday. 
They are also bringing their new dog Lewi...

When we visited them in Connecticut, in March, they had just lost their beloved boxer Bizzy. They hadn't planned to get another dog so soon but Lewi just sort of came to them. Lewi is a year old and he has already had three homes. He is much calmer than Bizzy and loves to ride in the car. Since it's a holiday weekend they couldn't find anyone to care for him so he is taking a road trip too.

Hopefully Sophie won't be too freaked out...


  1. I always get a kick out of a bunch of clay animals lined up on a board.....some sort of a herd thing!

    Enjoy the week end!

  2. Be careful a pig stampede con be dangerous.

  3. If it has to be an invasion, pigs are the best kind. My family raised boxers for years and my sister still does, they are the best family dog there is and they love to box playfully, very good natured dogs for sure. We did have one boxer when I was a kid that hated cats, won't tell you about the terrible things he did.

  4. Luckily Lewi lives with 3 cats and likes them... I think Sophie is probably going to spend the weekend in hiding.

  5. all I can think of is pigs in you remember the Muppets?
    You need to make a few Miss.Piggies!

  6. I think I saw parts of Pigs in Space some years back... and I love Miss Piggy, that's why when we visited the PEZ factory in CT I bought a Miss Piggy PEZ dispenser!

  7. I seem to always have some sort of clay work in my kitchen, it used to be a lot worse, but it's still there from time to time. Yay for daughter visits, nothing better! Enjoy!!

  8. The wife saw the pigs I had made yesterday and said "nice slots!" and i said "I have changed my slots for the first time since I do them a little like Meesh does ;)"


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