Sunday, May 20, 2012

an awesome trade

What can you get with a bunch of these?

I managed to get THIS!

One day, in early spring, I had mowed the lawn and commented on facebook that I loved the smell of freshly mowed, wild onions in the yard. Tim Christensen made a comment about how he had been in search of a certain wild onion to plant on his property in Roque Bluffs, ME. I snapped some pics for him and he said it was what he was looking for and would I send him some in exchange for a cup.

How could I say no?!
He asked what I wanted carved on it and I said SQUID!

I met Tim the first time I sold pots at the NH Potters Guild, Potters Market. He was set up across from me. You can see more of his exquisitely carved pots here. You may recognize his work from the cover of Ceramics Monthly a few years back.


  1. Great deal! What can I get for a bunch of dandelions?

  2. Dennis, take a picture of them and post them on facebook... you never know what might be offered!

  3. almost like winning the lottery, great trade

  4. That is a great trade. It's a really beautiful cup.

  5. Plants for pots and pots for plants....and a great mug, to boot!

  6. I have some crab grass, any takers?


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