Friday, May 18, 2012

workin' at the coop...

Last month when we selected our co-op days we knew Jeff would be gone for half the month so we had to choose our days around that. I ended up taking three days in one week. Some members like to do it that way but I like to spread them out a little. We have a few special orders of piggy banks to fill so I decided to plan their conception around my time at the co-op. Jeff threw 19 bodies for me the other day. I assembled half at home and I took the rest with me to the co-op. I like to make the most of my time while I am here...

The money slot is a pain to cut. Measuring, trying to be accurate, etc...

Jeff and I had been talking about making a slot cutting tool for awhile and yesterday he made one for me!

Created with two hole cutters, wire and a board. Not fancy at all but it does the trick neatly and quickly.

In between pigs I had a yummy lunch of spicy Asian noodles with some fresh kimchi from the Korean market in Greensboro. Smelly but hot and tasty...
I think we have enough kimchi in our fridge to last a year! When be bought it, it had just been made and it is supposed to get better in time...
and probably smellier.


  1. I find it pretty easy to take a little slab 3/4 x 2" or so and cut a neat slot in it and attach it over a slightly oversize slot in the pig.Gives it a nice finished look too.

  2. cool tool, ha., Any kind of cuts in the clay I always have hard time with, when to cut so there aren't any burrs and too late to cut due to overly hard. Clay work isn't easy that's for sure, but your pigs are the best and I never would have guessed the cuts were troublesome for you. if only the public knew all that's involved with making work in clay.

  3. Ah the wonders of an inventive and creative mind! The money slot cutter is a great idea, and must be very handy being able to get the ends of the slot so tidy. Interesting how different Co-ops organize themselves, I do a full day looking after the shop every two weeks, some of the other members organize to do a half day every week. I find it hard to get much of my own work done there, but some members do produce a lot of their small slab work whilst waiting for customers.

  4. That is one flippin' AWESOME bowl .......of kimchee :) I made my first piggy bank around 1988 and I have never done anything but hack a hole in there of a certain large and rough size and people can never get enough of the damn things. Your tool is wicked clever, and I love piggies, but I am beating the piggy customers off with a stick and not thinking about precision too much ;)

  5. I know I shouldn't be so fussy but I can't help myself! and Jeff's tool at least makes it go way quicker.
    Like Jz always said... "You'll sell as many pigs as you can make".
    and he was right!

  6. yes, I am sorry, i hope I did not sound rude :)

  7. Gary - you were definitely not rude!


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