Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Potters, 3 Bloggers, 3 Beer Lovers - "An Online Pottery Show"

Potters Gary Rith, Lori Buff, and I have been tossing around ideas of how to do a show together, despite the fact that we live hundreds of miles away from each other (and have never met in person!). We finally decided to do a virtual show, using Etsy as our venue, and beer mugs/steins as our theme.
Our show went on line yesterday and you can see it on our very own new blog:

This is just the beginning of an adventure for the three of us! Please add the new site to your blog roll to see what the three of us are up too. Our plans are to do a number of shows each year and each with a specific theme. We are excited about how this will motivate us to stretch our creativity in clay in new directions... who knows where it will take us! Perhaps in the future we may invite other potter/bloggers to be guest artists.

All the mugs and steins are available for purchase through on the mug you want to purchase and it will take you directly to that potters shop. If you order this weekend, depending on your location, we may be able to ship in time for Fathers Day. Wouldn't Dad love a new mug? we need to figure out how to have a virtual opening reception that involves beer, wine, and cheese... ideas anyone?


  1. Congrats, Michelle, Gary and Lori...I must admit I thought when Gary said Beer Mug Challenge as his topic, that everyone was to compete, get involved, etc. So now I understand what you all are doing. Best wishes for many a mug full, including your pockets.

  2. What a super idea, looking forward to see the group show.

  3. thank you Barbara!
    Linda, the photo and the pottery pals is a link to the mugs, so click away!

  4. Wonderful Idea, I hope it is a great success. Very interesting to use technology in that way.


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