Wednesday, June 6, 2012

let's try this again

Slump molded plates. I have only made these a few times and have had issues with cracking, warping etc...

and yes the picture above is sideways... I rotated it before uploading it but blogger seems to like it this way. I also did a few small slab pieces with some extra clay. 

These plates are thicker than the last go around. I only made three of the large plates because if this doesn't solve the issues I am abandoning these slump forms. Part of the problem is that the mold is too shallow, which once fire, makes them a little flatter than I would like and then there is the humping up in the center issue. The square dish above should be fine. My friend Steve made those molds and I haven't had a problem with them. This one has little feet underneath as well. I enjoyed making these but throwing on the wheel goes so much faster!

rim detail on large square plate

So along with taking photos, and listing pots on Etsy, that's what I have been up too. 


  1. Blogger is always changing things up and I never know what to do about it being barely functional in that realm. The porcelain sand, thicker plates and slower drying and firing has really helped me with mine. If you get rid of those molds think of me, I'll buy them from you. Plates and platters and such have so many possibilities for slip and underglaze deco, sgraffito and more. I guess that's why I keep going back to them even after all the losses I've had over the years.

  2. it is time to get back to making pots, seems we have had too many other things going on.

  3. They look great. I'm looking forward to seeing them glazed and fired.


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