Sunday, June 3, 2012

kiln unloading

This firing had mixed results. Isn't that always the way when you have orders to fire?

The leaf mugs came out great, the two ash glaze bowls behind them... glaze bubbles. The two pigs behind them are bubbly as well. The blue one was an order. I did two and they both bubbled. The blue ash glaze doesn't even look like it's supposed to. I even placed them in two different locations in the kiln.

This little cup also with ash glaze... just fine,  no bubbling.

Most of the porcelain pieces were fine, aside from one goblet on the top shelf that was under-fired. This Temple white glaze re-fires nicely so the goblet will get a second chance.

Beer mugs were good... I like the green to get a little less reduction but that's just my personal preference. The shino of course loved it.

Jeff's wee little teapots came out just fine... the one on the left is the one that I carved.

Back to making pots today and tonight we will start taking pictures for new Etsy listings.


  1. darn those bubbles, that temple white is nice, does it have a bit of cobalt in it?

  2. Linda, I dipped the cup in Temple White and then I spray blue ash over it. On stoneware the Temple White is light gray with speckles, depending on the clay body. I guess technically it's not a clear glaze but perhaps translucent.

  3. darn those bubbles, that temple white is nice, does it have a bit of cobalt in it?

  4. Can you retire the bubbles to smooth them out?

  5. re-firing the ash glaze hasn't done much good in the past so I am not going to bother.

  6. I love the shino and green glaze combo~ really beautiful.

    So, what's up with ash? Temperamental?!


  7. sorry about the problems, but the others look GREAT, I esp. like the color scheme with the green-dark for the leaves!

  8. Bubbles are only good in beer and baths, I'm so sorry about them. Thankfully you have some other really beautiful pieces.


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