Thursday, June 20, 2013


ANTS, not wood firing or raku, unfortunately.
Once again I had an encounter with the f@#;'n buggers. Last year I had just a couple of small bites while mowing the lawn. My foot swelled up after a day or two and I was miserable. Meredith, over at Whynot Pottery, told me to be careful if I was bit again. She has seen reactions get worse after a second incidence. She told me she has an Epi-pen if I ever need it.
Yesterday, I stepped right into a nest to cut some flowers. I was COVERED in ants, almost up to my knees! I ran to the water faucet, tore of my shoes and socks and quickly rinsed them off. I was a little freaked out. Considering how many ants were on me the bites were minimal... maybe a dozen total. I had some benadryl spray and luckily did not need to run to Whynot for an injection! Last night they were mighty itchy and tingly, and this morning a little swollen. Looks like I will live to suffer through the healing process.

While on the subject of fire. Look at this gnarly mug from the wood kiln...

I didn't see this get unloaded, but my guess is it was on the shelf that collapsed, and it ended up in the fire box. No amount of grinding or sanding will make that rim comfortable to drink from!


  1. You poor sweet (that's why they like you!) thing...and that mug ought to be kept just cause it's so "ugly" tho I know beauty is in the eye of the today I see ugly, maybe tomorrow... anyway...spiders like to bite me. I do sometimes take benedryl when I go to bed if I've got bad itchies.

  2. I am going to second keeping some benedryl on hand and taking it next time you get bit. Mark is over here suffering from some terrible chigger bites. They are a mess.
    The dangers of county living are very different than the ones in the city.
    Looks like a good pirate mug, crusty.

  3. You need an Epi-pen at YOUR house, not out at Mark and Meredith's.Glad the damage was minimal.Funny, if that mug were a tea bowl.......

  4. yep, I thought I had benadryl in the cabinet, but only had the spray - which takes longer to get into your system. I really should have an epi-pen since I have had reactions to bee stings as well.

    and Dennis, if the mug were a tea bowl I could sell it for big bucks ;-)

  5. Chiggers, ticks and fire ants..... beasts of the South.
    I think I have one of each bite on me right now, ugh..
    When I was a kid I stepped in a nest of fire ants and freaked out. My legs were "eat up" as they say, haha!
    You need some high rubber boots for that yard work!

  6. that mug is a pottery relic dug from an ancient ruin probably an ancient seabed; what kind of ants? if you need an epi pen (anaphylatic shock) you won't have time to run even to Meredith's, ask a doctor for one to keep with you at all times. Gary keeps one with him because he is allergic to bee stings.

    for itching taking a bath with baking soda or making a baking soda paste with water and applying it seems to help.

  7. The mug should remind you of fire ants- BEWARE!! Yes, an epi, yes to boots! You're definitely not in the NE anymore ;)

  8. Yes, you should have an epi-pen and benedryl on hand at all times. Allergic reactions get worse the more you have them.
    There's something fascinating about that mug, for looking not drinking!

  9. fukkin' BUGS...of course, NH had gawdammn blackflies and mosquitos in ABUNDANCE, but anyway....


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