Monday, June 17, 2013

Working Weekend

This is what I did this weekend...
I assembled "salt pigs", that also make nice piggy sugar jars. They come with a cork to keep whatever you put inside, clean and dry. I have these listed on Etsy, and you can choose your glaze color. I have an order for two, one in tenmoku, the other Temple white... they buyer plans to use one for salt and the other for pepper! If you click on the photo it will take you to the Etsy listing.

The weather since Friday has been amazingly conducive to finishing work. The low humidity allowed me to throw, trim, and carve, these 1 quart casseroles in three days.

I have five of these completed and now I guess I should move on to two quart casseroles. The humidity has returned, so it may take a week to get them finished. I guess that means I should turn this computer off and get out to the studio.


  1. I'm finally getting to turn my computer on at an RV park which has free wifi, my previous posts I happened to post large of photos and exceeded their bandwidth. I find myself secretly looking for some hand building or surface treatment workshops in the carolinas or on up the coast.

    I have some Florida grown sugar, slightly brown and minimally processed which I think would really complement the pigs. I've been using it as an accent spice addition to some dishes I've been making lately.

  2. You should have a contest to write the best caption for these pigs because they seem to have something important to say,haha! Sooooo cute

  3. Tracey that's a great idea! When I look at them in that photo, I think they are singing. Not sure what song though...

  4. They are incredibly cute pigs, just like your banks.

  5. Meanwhile, I am drooling over your beautiful casseroles...seriously I love them!


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