Monday, June 24, 2013

The Invasion of the Giant Pig

The pigs are taking over the studio, not only in numbers, but in size as well! I have an order for two large banks the size of one gallon jugs. Jeff threw the bodies on the wheel and I am assembling them. They are a little tricky because the weight of the jug is too much for the legs to hold up when they are first attached...

I have to get the legs leveled, then wrap the rest of the pig with plastic so that it doesn't dry out waiting for the legs to stiffen. I think she looks like she's waiting for her hair color to set up at the salon.

Jeff made extra gallon size jugs and he is turning this one into a fish bank. He did some smaller ones as well. I will try to get photos today.

 I carved a bunch of ginkgo leaf bowls on Saturday and when boredom set in, I did a little experimenting. Some I like and will do more of, others won't be repeated. I feel if you don't experiment and play with your work, you won't grow as an artist. That's the excuse I use for being a little ADD!


  1. Play time is the best time in the studio! Looks like fun :)

  2. It all looks really great, playing around pays off!
    Great idea, the fish bank, need you some galleries at the coast now!

  3. I'm not certain but I think we were all just mooned by a pig ;-)

    I love the big and little together, really cute.

  4. looks good! I'd love someone to work with again. (come to that, I'd love a shed to work in!!)


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