Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Journal Finished on June 26th... I am not always a procrastinator

I can't believe it. I have finished my art journal this month with FOUR days to spare! This has to be a record for me. I even remembered to photograph it.

The journal I received this month was potter Lori Buff's. The theme was inspirational places. My greatest inspiration these days comes from the nature that is right outside my studio door.

 Lori's pages reflected on her time spent at Penland and how much this special place inspired her work.

Joanne's page in Lori's journal is a castle and it appears to be her inside of it... no explanation. I am left to ponder it's meaning.

I was feeling so smug about finishing this journal early. I actually had my painting done two weeks ago, and glued it into the book last week. Lo and behold, a few days ago Joanne sent me the July journal... she was a few days ahead of me!
The next theme is "Rebirth".
I will have to think on that one a bit.


  1. Next time you do this, I would love to be part of it!! What a great project.

  2. Jennie it is fun project, I wanted to coordinate it this year but just couldn't find the time. A friend in NH pulled it together. I will definitely keep you in mind next time. It's a good way to stretch your creative mind in new directions. Very open ended.

  3. I need one based on the balance of time. I might just fill it with a tip of a needle with me perched on top.
    I hope one day to find me some of that time for things other than what I have on my plate right now.
    Lovely idea.

  4. now why didn't Lori put all those great Penland pictures up on her blog!?!? I love the journal that Wesley and I are working on, although neither one of us has added to it in quite some time.....

  5. Awesome project! Good for you to git 'er done on time ;)

  6. I'm still waiting for my June journal to arrive in my mailbox. We knew it would be late but this is ridiculous. Darm PO, spoiling my fun. Don't they know I;m excited about this project?

  7. Lori, you must be waiting for Cindy's that got lost in the mail the first month... bummer. Hopefully we will be able to make up some time on that one, somewhere along the way.


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