Monday, July 29, 2013

is it really Monday already?

Last night we said good bye to Robert Young. He is headed to back to Texas to spend more time with family, before returning to Guam. The photo above are some of the pots that he was able to finish during his stay here. He was fortunate that the weather cooperated, and he was able to get these bowls to the trimming stage in less than a week! Jeff says he's a good student and progressed a lot in this short time. Robert says it's the most pots he has ever thrown in week's time.

We took a couple of breaks on Friday and Saturday and visited some of the area potteries. Above is Robert with Mark and Meredith, over at Whynot Pottery. It was the only photo I took. Robert took lots, so I am sure when he gets home he will post some on his blog and facebook. Also included on the tour were Tom Gray Pottery, Samantha Henneke & Bruce Gholson of Bulldog Pottery, Jugtown, and Westmore Pottery. Everyone was so welcoming and gave studio tours, as well as talking about their processes. If it were a different time of year, we would have been able to get out do more visiting. Hopefully, one day, Robert will return to Seagrove for another visit.

Today is packing day for me. Last weeks kiln load is sanded and ready to be boxed up. Jeff squeezed in one last firing overnight (he is now fast asleep) and we will unload that and pack it up just before we leave for New Hampshire on Wednesday. I am excited about seeing my family and friends up north, but not looking forward to the long drive hauling a trailer, and all the work involved in building the booth for the League of NH Craftsmen Show. I get anxiety just thinking about it. Typically, once we are on the road I am feeling relieved and can take a deep breath.


  1. Looks like a splendid time for all with Robert.
    The amazing thing to me is how the exhibitors manage to look so calm and relaxed after what I know is the flat out surge to get everything ready to sell and get the booth set up.
    I'll see you on Tuesday. Are you just doing the four days this year?

  2. Suzie, we are doing the first 4 days... so Tuesday will be the end for us. We felt we were gone way too long last year and didn't have much family time.
    Look forward to seeing you!

  3. it is all about setting the show- like a wedding- no one knows how you pull it off, you just do. Thanks for bringing Robert out, we enjoyed meeting him and taking a break.

  4. Well, Mr. Young should have plenty of info to take home,visiting with some of the finest potters NC has to offer! Sorry I wasn't able to get down and visit,his stay was so short!

  5. For some reason I thought Robert would be here all this week, looks like a nice visit, so much to see and do and Seagrove.

  6. Linda, he was here for one week... we leave for NH on Wednesday... YIKES!

  7. It sounds like a great visit for all of you.


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