Friday, August 9, 2013

Friends at the Fair

 The best part of the fair is catching up with my NH potter friends. I also got to see Suzie (aka the blogger smartcat) again this year, what a treat!
Martha and Wendy worked in the information booth all week

 Andy Hampton, the sweetest, nicest potter. Beautiful work and a booth with a BRICK floor and bamboo walls! 

Paul Haigh, Wiley Hill Mudworks. Awesome pyromaniac. This was his first year at the fair. Below are his new lighted pedestals...

I wish I had time to take more photos of friends and their booths. Time just got away from me.


  1. A brick floor??? Wow that looks nice.

  2. Yes Dennis, a brick floor! He laid it dry and tight inside of a frame (I believe). In the past he had wooden grid design and the squares were filled with light colored rocks. That was beautiful too. A very Asian influenced design. He switched to the brick this year because he was tired of kids tossing the rocks... a little scary when you are selling pottery.

  3. I love the bamboo walls in Andy's booth, would never have the patience for the temporary brick floor, but a it gives me an idea for a faux stone or brick floor.

  4. Andy's booth had to be seen to really appreciate it. It had a wonderful ambiance.

    It was great seeing you again. I wish I had remembered my camera!

  5. .....a brick floor and bamboo walls WOW :)


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